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And it was the most aggressively boring season of Big Brother that ever existed.That's the only way to explain why the worst player in the worst season managed to win the whole damn thing.But she started flirting with Justin and turned on her alliance.

He wasn't wrong in his depiction of white privilege in America, but his soapbox was so completely obnoxious and self-pitying.Season: 4Placed: 12th After her crazy ex Scott was pulled from the house, Amanda seemed to lose her own mind and sense of playing any sort of game.She hopped into bed with David in the Head of Household room and had the first televised sex scene on Big Brother (it wouldn't be the last).The most interesting thing Adam did was get arrested for starting a drug ring with two other contestants from his season.Season: 11Placed: 13th Braden is one of David Girton's Big Brother ancestors.

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Holly skipped out on the All-Stars season to avoid playing with Jase again. Never mind the fact that CBS keeps bringing them back like they're official mascots.

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