Updating analog tvs

From a report: The Guardian has been contacted by a number of owners complaining that the TVs they bought -- in some cases just two weeks ago -- have been rendered useless by an upgrade sent out by Samsung a week ago.Others have been posting furious messages on the company's community boards complaining that their new TVs are no longer working.Thankfully, laws were put in place to ensure TVs manufactured after 2007 were equipped with a digital tuner to translate the digital broadcast TV signals now sent the broadcast towers.Many of us had affordable cable or satellite TV at the time, so didn’t notice and most likely didn’t care about broadcast TV channels switching from analog to digital. Cable TV prices have skyrocketed, more people want to learn how to watch TV without cable.

All features, specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notice.The report doesn't identify the models that have been affected.But we scanned the forums and found that at least UE49MU7070, UE49MU7070TXXU, and MU6409 models are affected.Freeview HD (T2) signal reception is governed by the availability of services in your particular area and is usually dependent upon where you live in relation to the digital transmitters covering your area.(Note: Not all digital TV transmitters will be broadcasting Freeview HD services) Note: Viewers situated in some main transmitter coverage areas may be able to receive the new Freeview HD services using a new Freeview HD receiver (T2 type STB/ IDTV); however we have noticed that in some cases initial HD services are being transmitted at a lower signal level to the existing SD services.

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