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THERE' S a dark fan theory which is guaranteed to change the way you see Friends forever.The sitcom has a reputation for being funny, light viewing, but this bleak theory promises to change the tone.THE largest porn site in the world will require Russian smut connoisseurs to sign in using their passport.Pornhub will require users to sign in using social media accounts which are linked to their mobile numbers and official ID.Sex education to the teens is the responsibility of every parent and teacher.It is better for them to get the right information from their peers rather than getting misinformation from other sources like friends, magazines or websites.It stresses on the role of abstinence and contraceptive methods, including the use of condoms.

The 'sexual arena' is in constant focus among the teens; in the absence of proper guidance, this can result in more harm than good.

The sinister take on the long-running show even suggests that Phoebe's kooky habits and outsider status - as well as her tendency to make things about her - reinforces this.

One Twitter user explained the whole wild theory in detail.

"While this exact method is not a condition [from the Russian government], we found this is the best solution for our users to comply with Russian access laws," Pornhub Vice President Corey Price told Vice.

"Also to be clear, Pornhub does not log or store any of your personal information, this is just a check to see if users are over 18….

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Now an urban legend among Friends fans, it has long been alleged in online forums that there's more to the group's antics than meets the eye.

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