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John and Jane were meeting on a regular basis—sometimes once a week, sometimes several times a week. John was quiet throughout the entire outburst as he listened to what Jane had to say. Today, they are married, just had their first baby, and are more in love than they have ever been.

One fine week, Jane had an upcoming date with John. On the night before the date itself, Jane received a call from John. At the end of it, John said, “Hey Jane, you know what? Let’s keep the dinner plans tomorrow and meet as we had agreed. Both John and Jane are among my circle of close friends today and I’m so proud to know them.

Firstly, seduction tactics (not all, but many) tend to be fear-based in nature. Because they focus on lower-level actions to draw attention and elicit interest rather than a heart-level connection.

They also often involve manipulation and ingenuity to a certain extent (e.g., intentionally hiding emotions to make the other party like you more and saying things you think the other party wants to hear vs. People who utilize seduction tactics often do so because they like to be in control; much of what seduction is about is about control and maintaining the upper hand over the other person (the person you are trying to seduce).

Because not only would you attract the fear-based people, you keep out genuine daters—the ones you are truly looking for.

Long-term PE readers should know where I stand on fear-based approaches by now.

When you successfully do that and become a couple, that’s when you have succeeded in the game.” “Hmm, okay,” I thought.

I shared this tip with two of my close friends, who have been together for over eight years and are in a committed, loving, relationship (they just had a baby! One of them, P, said, “Celes, I don’t know about this.

I have no doubt that there are girls who get marvelous results from applying said tactics, just as there are guys who successfully win the hearts of ladies from sticking to the rules of the seduction and dating book.

For these guys and girls, they might have had huge difficulty in dating prior to learning said rules.

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If John ever asked Jane deep, personal questions to know her better, Jane would dance around the situation and respond with something else instead. Jane and John were still dating each other, just non-exclusively. To her, this was her one chance to get things right. Forget embarrassment—that was the last thing on her mind.

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