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was so badly shaken in the 19th century that some scholars even questioned the historical existence of the sage.

The classic itself, moreover, contains no references to other writings, persons, events, or places that might provide a clue for dating the composition.

Most translations refer to the Sage or master as being exclusively masculine in gender but we can also recognise that a master is aware of both genders...

Translators faced much difficulty combining western and Chinese thoughts as I have appreciated through reading them.

However I have provided here an effective translation of the that is accessible for you all to use.

is in itself intangible and evasive and possibly beyond all concepts.

It has also been regarded as the "Mother of the Universe" for it does in its own right nourishes and completes all things.

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By instilling in the populace the principle of Dao, the ruler precludes all cause for complaint and presides over a kingdom of great tranquillity.

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