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Does anyone know about this photo studio, and what im Park might signify?

Thank you very much, Nadine Researching FARKAS, Alexander (Jr.) Alexander was born Dec.

Unless I see a US connection, I will not reply, but others may see a US connection that may lead you to Hungary more specifically.

A map of Austria-Hungary empire : first name translation website: Take a look in Ellis Island website.

who married Rozlia Gcza, and their baby Steve (who died, probably in Hungary, not sure).

Parents born 1860s, late 1850s, children 1880, late 1870s.

It can be like looking for a needle in a haystack considering that the surname FARKAS and RADIC' can be found in other countries.

Hi John, if you know very little about your Katherine Radics in Hungary, perhaps you can give some insight to what you know in the US.

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