Sex wep im dating culture in britain

Michael Thomas was given an 'indeterminate' sentence (the maximum for rape is 16 years).

More ex-partners came forward and he was eventually found guilty of seven charges of rape against three women, with offences going back 21 years. Judges have to start giving much harsher sentences for rape, to send a signal.

'I check my locks more than most people, I never go to the cinema because I don't know who's behind me and if I'm in a queue and a man stands behind me I have to leave.

I'm very frightened of men.' A relationship with a man right now is out of the question.

Undoubtedly, it can affect every area of a woman's life.' Since the attack Susan has had therapy and seen a clinical psychologist.

Today she won't go out at night and is very vigilant about her safety.

Afterwards I was too frightened to sleep during the day or night. I didn't have the funds, but I did have a lifeline: my counsellor from the support group, New Pathways, and DC Claire Hopkins of Gwent Police.' They provided 24-hour care and saw her through some of the darkest times, when she was suicidal.

The jury will see how they're shaking, how their voices break. It's like watching telly.' Susan waived anonymity to encourage other women who've been raped to come forward.'I kept thinking, "This is my day to tell everyone what that bastard did and put him where he belongs." I used my anger.Why should I feel ashamed because he'd broken into my house and raped me?She's now a counsellor, volunteers with Victim Support and works with Gwent Police, advising on interviewing techniques with victims of rape.Her own experience of Gwent Police during the investigation was, she says, exemplary.

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