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Bryan Adam's Heaven was drawing to an end, and the DJ was obviously getting bored. "I'm just a teenage dirtbag baby..." We all joined in. Now we were bopping around and the energy in the room was ramping up. All thoughts of chips were tossed aside like an old takeaway box. Charlotte smiled, and pulled us both closer to her.

His cock did not look fully hard and his balls were large, low and loose. My pecker had been swelling since we had left the club, and before we had got to the flat had been rock hard. Charlotte kissed around his swelling member, planting soft touches of her lips along the front of his thigh, his other thigh and gently across the huge ball sack.

I was fascinated as always by the interplay between singles who became couples. Tom began to unbutton his shirt, revealing at least a four-pack.

Short skirts riding up, tops lifting up as arms were raised to reveal glittering navel piercings. The girl I didn't know was properly into the music now. There was a diamond of rough hair on his chest and a thick snail trail down to his belt.

As it grew she found she had further to go each time. Her left hand was still touching me, but had not moved for some time.

For the first time in my life I took the initiative. My legs stretched out behind her along the bedroom floor.

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