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is the only Domino’s in town – he is a young man with long hair, kind of tall with a slim build and drives a Mazda.

I feel bad, I am ashamed that he talked to me like I was scamming him for a pizza at pm at night I was ready to go to bed But I’m up now because I cannot sleep I am too upset and can’t sleep But I bet that manager is sleeping and enjoying his rest while I am up upset and unable to rest. Then tell him/she your story and you want f/u regarding a solution. If you call you may have to call twice m: first to management. If this is true this is such an inconvenience for valued customers, which I consider myself to be since I frequently order from dominos, because it’s conveniently located 5 minutes from my home.

I want someone to please get in touch with me, I feel this needs to be handled by an higher up and if that guy is staying at out Tarpon Store I will not Order again from them. Glenda in Tarpon Springs Fl Reply Call Domino’s corporate office (computer info) and speak with upper management/administration. If you have the person’s name you spoke with this will enable focused problem solving. If dominos is going to start being less proactive in customer service, I’m definitely going to have to take my business someplace else, because as a regular paying customer I expect to be satisfied with my services, and tonight I can’t say that I was, because I was refused service.

I would appreciate it if someone could explain your policies to me since I was also told it was “Policy”. Ross Reply This comment is regarding store number 7685 in Prescott, AZ and a really great experience I had with one of your delivery drivers.

Let me train your employees to act just like the Chick-fil-A employees do!! Reply The reason i am Here rate now is because i have found a major security vulnerability in the Dominos Pizza online ordering.i found that when you are ordering a pizza to an address you dont have to do any verification of any sort,this is prone to being abused and anybody could order anything to anybody’s house without being also mean that anybody could waste hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product without having to worry about being tracked or prosecution. make it so when you placing an order online you have to put in your phone number and then verify it with a pin number this will ensure the number being used is legitimate also makes it very difficult for hacker or anyone to place an order without being tracked. it skip the dished has adopted this method in order to combat false orders. Said too bad I didn’t call same day but can’t do anything now(who would know that) What an attitude to loose a customer of 3 years over this.

You should not be hiring employees and teaching them how to be friendly, just simply hire Friendly people!! Reply I placed a order on 12/11/2017 at p.m, I tracked my order on the tracker it said it was deliver at pm I called the store and I was told that the tracker just do that, I waited and waited as my husband stood in the doorway waiting for the delivery driver, ( he never showed up) I called back at pm and was told that the driver came back to the store because he couldn’t find the address (my address is very easy to find) which was a lie it was never delivered. Her only comment was “have a nice day” Someone needs some training on customer relations.

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I actually did not order a pizza, but your driver helped reunite me with my lost dog.

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