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Your period is totally natural, and you should absolutely feel comfortable saying you have it. “Sometimes I just like to have time to myself.” Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you have to be together 24/7.

You don’t have to go into all the details, but there’s nothing wrong with saying you’re moody or not feeling well because it’s that time of the month. “I’m not comfortable with you doing that.” Sometimes girls don’t tell guys what they’re uncomfortable with because they want to be seen as the “cool” girlfriend. If your BF is doing anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable or upset, tell them. If your boyfriend is the type who wants to see you or talk to you every minute of the day, and you’re not like that, don’t pretend to be. “I see our relationship going in this direction.” It’s so important to be honest about what you want from the relationship.

“I don’t feel okay with the fact that your best friend is a girl.” This is something you guys ask me about all the time.

If you’re not comfortable with your boyfriend’s girl friend, then you have to tell him.

The hard truth is that it’s always better to be honest.

Lying to your boyfriend about any of the below might be easier than telling the truth, but it’s definitely not the right thing for your relationship.

The next time you’re hooking up, say it in the heat of the moment – I promise he’ll like that.

You're simply taking part in the circle of gross life!

So in the spirit of sexual grossiosity, we've collected 21 of the grossest things than can happen during the course of a totally regular sexual encounter. (And before you read on, be sure to check out Bustle’s new podcast, I Want It That Way, which delves into the dirtiest parts of dating, and find more on our Soundcloud page.)Want more sex? So download Bustle's app from i Tunes for all the most recent sex and relationships news, advice, memes, and GIFs from around the Web.

“I’m actually angry because…” Sometimes we don’t like to tell our BFs that we’re angry for one of two reasons: either we don’t want to admit that we’re hurt because we’re scared, or we feel like they should be able to figure it out on their own.

So, instead we lie and say we’re “fine,” or we refuse to say we’re angry, instead acting in a passive aggressive way that doesn’t solve anything and in fact just makes problems worse.

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