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We started the day off by viewing the inspirational video by Smart & Sexy CEO, Ariela Balk, and proceeded into our bra-fittings session.

Karima explained the different types of bras available and when (and for whom! The Philly Bra Lady then served as our expert bra fitter and provided each attendee with one on one attention and a whole lot of love. Upon seeing herself in her true size bra, she shouted “Oh sweetness! I can wear my cute shirt without scaring the children! After lunch, Career Wardrobe welcomed John Wind and Robbin Cook of John Wind Maximal Art.

We were fortunate to have Carrie Veurink, ACDN Managing Partner, join us.

Bloom hosted two wonderful speakers, Lisa Safran of Improv Consultants and Jenny Bailey of Your Vivid Style.

Lisa was inspiring for the women as she explained how she went from needing the clothing and assistance from Bloom to running her own successful business today.

Jenny Bailey helped with wardrobe styling and interview appropriate clothing.

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