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Of the 33 who were pricked, 87 percent of men experienced POIS symptoms that started within 30 minutes after ejaculation.

Complaints of POIS symptoms were reported in their head, eyes, nose, throat, and muscles once their semen came in contact with their skin.

The research published in Sexual Medicine Reviews highlighted two suspected causes for the post-sex illness.

The most common theory is that some men may be allergic to their own semen, or something in their semen, which causes an immediate immune reaction.

But some men have been treated with antihistamines, selective serotonin inhibitors and psychoactive drugs including benzodiazepines.

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And for some who can't find a proper remedy, abstinence may be their best route at avoiding the uncomfortable symptoms.

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'They didn't feel ill when they masturbated without ejaculating, but as soon as the semen came from the testes…after that they became ill, sometimes within just a few minutes,' Marcel Waldinger, study other and professor of sexual psychopharmacology at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, told Reuters.

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