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Even his religion, Scientology, boasts a cinematic good-versus-evil morality.When it comes to women, he’s an unrelenting star-fucker (the narcissistic apex being his homonymous alliance with Penélope Cruz). Cruise’s marriages offer a new dimension to these self-­inventions, an extra frisson, because of the presence of another human being, who would presumably have to be in on the show, whether for the money, or fame, or (apparently unlikeliest) love.Because Cruise, for all his wealth and blinding, dimpled smile, has a whole wagon train of baggage.At the heart of this story, as of all Cruise stories, is the central Cruisean mystery, the conundrum of his thought-policing religion, Scientology, and the degree to which he is in its grip.

Even before the engagement, Holmes converted to Scientology. But if they weren’t real, why would they be all over each other? The most common story line, soon purveyed from TMZ to Us Weekly to E! And everyone’s like, Wow, this is real—because no one believes it’s real. There were only five people waiting for the bathroom.” Soon, though, the make-out session started to take on a different complexion. Who goes out and has a make-out session with their wife? By the end, I was just confused.” When news broke online, on June 29, that Holmes had filed for divorce, it seemed an inevitable denouement to everyone except Cruise, who told people he’d been “blindsided” by the news.In the first tent-pole role of her career, she had hit all her marks and won the summer.But as the theater lights came back on, something felt slightly off—the story too scripted; surely it concealed a more complicated human truth.

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In the tabloid/Internet telling, even Holmes’s pregnancy was a font of sinister implications.

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