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For women to do this, they have got to start treating themselves the way they want to be treated,” advises the pastor. This can help you meet people they feel might be compatible to you.

Why single people remain single is that they don’t truly make an effort to change things. “Many say “It’ll happen when I least expect it.” No!

Nairobian women spent so much time accusing us that we are not romantic but they are real frauds when you think about it. Every time I go to clubs, I give up on dating, courtship and sex altogether.

Nairobi women are hardened, militant, dishonest, materialistic, and that concoction of traits can hardly make anyone romantic. In an ironic twist, some prostitutes actually know a thing or two about romance. You see commercial sex workers perched on the bar counters’ high stools, sipping some choice wine or whisky and that is how they entice the middle-aged and older white men visiting the country for charity or those prospecting gold and diamonds in Shinyalu and other outposts far North.

Psychologically, it is not easy, admits Pastor Nthiwa.

But such women should change their routines to get what they want in life.

Two, the newspaper and the Internet give love seekers an opportunity to specify what they want in a soul mate. Given that some of them are toto mamas already, word in the street is that their market value is under 'speculation.' Yet they have the highest standards one would expect from women in their nubile 20s.

Other Westland online dating sites charge for memberships, we are 100% free for everything.ALSO READ: Why Luo, Luhya wives make the best cheats If you are the type that seeks love on the Internet or likes reading relationship adverts in newspapers, there are a few things you have noticed.One, there is thinly veiled but discernible desperation among the lone-wolves. She wants a born-again Christian and professional man aged 35-40. All of them don’t want jokers, even though many jokers still call.“Women should not compromise on their integrity and authenticity.However, as we get older we need courage to be flexible,” says the pastor.

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  1. “Later, I wanted to show him a picture on my phone but my Tinder app was still running, and it showed I had been messaging someone. He was like, ‘Let’s just talk about the fact that you were on Tinder when I was in the bathroom.’ We laughed about it, but it was awkward, and I didn’t see him again.” Is it hard to find a keeper in NYC?