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This has been deciphered as an origin for the name 'Hebrew' and a meaning suggesting the crossing of the Euphrates and the land beyond it, clearly a reference to the later Israelite migration westwards.

Eber is an ancestor figure of the Israelites and the Ishmaelites (Ishmael being a son of Abraham), as well as of the original Arabs in Islamic tradition.

These names are shown below with a lilac background to highlight their near-mythical status.There are various chronologies which differ to some degree (the orthodox dating, or Thiele, Usher, or Rohl (an exceptionally unorthodox dating which has been greeted with near-universal disdain), Velikovsky, and Courville included).The book of Genesis provides Terah's ancestry back to Noah, many of whose members are fanciful attempts to link to ancient kingdoms and states, but the ages of the earliest figures mentioned must be taken with a pinch of salt.While the first name is of uncertain origin (and therefore possibly genuine), the others are clearly attempts to create founder figures for several important ancient kingdoms.Elam relates to the region of that name, and an important and powerful kingdom at this time.

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His Israelite descendants supposedly emigrate from Ur around 1750 BC, but while there is no confirmation either way that they have previously been long term residents of Ur or its immediate environs, much of their story probably comes from this region (including the Biblical flood, which can be equated with the Sumerian Flood story).

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