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The teacher of the traffic school is a comedian, Booda Sack, who gets laughs by insulting the audience.

Inspired by Booda Sack, Bobby tries developing a stand-up act of his own.

It's up to Hank to get everyone focused on selling propane again.

Peggy, Minh and Dale play the stock market together, however they lose money in their initial investment.

When Connie's behavior convinces Kahn and Minh that she is depressed without Bobby, they try to push her and Bobby back together.

After Boomhauer trades houses with a Canadian family for the summer the Arlen gang tries to make some new neighbors at feel welcome.

However it soon becomes apparent that Canadians and Arlenites do not see eye to eye.

Trip forcibly dyes Luanne's hair red and makes her dress in a milkmaid's outfit.

Luanne discovers that he is trying to turn her into the Larsen Pork Products Girl, an advertising character his grandfather created.

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  1. While Robin attempts to connect with various women through speed dating including Lois Lane (Uma Thurman) and Supergirl (Kristen Bell), Batman encounters his ex Wonder Woman (Leslie Bibb) and attempts to stop Penguin from detonating Supergirl, who later turns out to be the Riddler (Will Carlough) in disguise, which Batman already knew and was screwing with Robin, who kissed "her" moments before unveiling.