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Sometimes known as , depending on where you live in the Spanish speaking world.

This outline aims to explain the types of building control record and where to find them. The densely-packed housing of the capital created problems which could only be tackled communally. Thin party walls and badly-sited privies and gutters were other nuisances.In Scotland each medieval burgh operated a Dean of Guild Court, which dealt with rights of access and nuisances.So when the burghs began to develop building regulations in the 17th century, they fell within the remit of the Dean of Guild Court.Most native English speakers are familiar with “Pig Latin”, a silly word game played by children (and occasionally adults). We don't know who invented Pig Latin, but there are historical references to it dating back to the 19th century!It's probably the best known example of a language game in English, sometimes called a “ludling” or “argot”. Unsurprisingly, similar word games exist in many other languages.

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