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So yes, when it comes to the Moore/Jordan saga, Matt exhibited alarming habits that were easily identifiable.

But it’s also important to not let Kenya off the hook because his issues trumped hers.

He played Tornado in the 2008 revival of Gladiators and was engaged to Kelly Brook in 2014.

Watching your friends mature in their careers, get married or have children can be bittersweet when your waiting for your turn.The couple had a crazy yo-yo cycle where neither could quite let go despite Matt’s destructive outbursts (damaging her property), and her consistent drama.And while it’s clear that Kenya is absolutely not responsible for Matt’s behavior—like breaking windows in her home and punching walls—what is she responsible for?After a rocky relationship the couple split for good in November 2014.Tiffany has been going public in her quest for true love since 2007.

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relationship—even when you think someone else was the bad guy or gal. Well, being happy isn’t about finding the perfect man or woman who will do everything in his or her power to please you.

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  1. Ich möchte am Sonntag die frischen Bäckerbrötchen nicht nur für mich allein ho...” “Schön, intelligent gebildetes Mädchen. Ich weiß, wie wunderbar eine gemeinsame Sprache mit einer anderen Person als ein Psychologe zu finden....” “Hi ich bin Tina und komme aus Berlin!