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The reason your head gasket costs so much is due to going to a Subaru dealership for the work, a private shop wont cost that much.They only offered you the 0 rebate for a new car because the DEALERSHIP is in the business of sellin cars, why are they gonna wanna do warranty work (lose money) when they can sell you a new car and make money.I am furthermore surprised that their “valued” customers mean so little to them.Why else would they offer me such an insulting “incentive”?Ira agreed with the original service provider and handed me an estimated repair bill of 87.00, roughly the total value of the vehicle!In the end, Subaru stated they could provide no repair assistance whatsoever.Apparently, Subaru's are also notorious for bad wheel bearings according to my (non-dealer) mechanic.

I've seen similar incedents happen to friends at my local Toyota lot and Ford lot. All cars no matter how well you maintain them have the potential to have something like a wheel bearing go bad.I contacted Subaru and kindly asked that they include my car in their extended head gasket warranty because of the vehicle’s low mileage and outstanding repair record.At their request, I took the vehicle to Ira Subaru of Danvers, MA for factory authorized diagnosis of the problem.I am very inclined to agree with Michael, their reputation is more marketing than anything else.And as for the company offering a 0.00 "incentive" on a new vehicle..they honestly think I would fall for that?

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I've read at least one hundred letters of complaint about Subaru's bad head gaskets. Apparently, it was so bad the company extended the warranty period for this particular repair.

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