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This, again, was not a popular decision amongst fans, as now a whole new control scheme and new physics had to be adhered to, some of which didn’t really work well with Daytona’s track design.

That said, new tracks were added, and the existing tracks finally received names-The Three Seven (777) Speedway, Dinosaur Canyon, and the Seaside Street Galaxy.

Happy with what was essentially the game’s trial run, the game went on to achieve a wider release in 1994, with adjustments made to AI.

SEGA released the game to certain areas in 1993, where it was a moderate success.

Perhaps one of the most praised features was it’s music, composed and performed by Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, and gave beloved tracks such as (commonly referred to as “ROLLING STAAAAAAAAAART”) and “Sky High” Unsurprisingly, demand for a home console port was immense, so with SEGA’s new system, the SEGA Saturn on the way, boasting eye-popping arcade visuals, it was only a matter of time until the home console port everyone asked for got made. Unfortunately, Daytona was a victim of this rush to release games, and so what we got was far from what we expected. One of the main selling points of the arcade version of Daytona USA was it was smooth and fast, creating an impressive, and fun experience for all who played it.

The Saturn version took the 60 FPS experience, and gave it a right kicking-it only ran at That’s over half of the original frame-rate! In addition, it suffered from pop in as bad as Sonic R’s-and that’s saying something.

The game featured 3 all new tracks, plus completely new music, composed again by Mitsuyoshi, but sung by Dennis St. Which was awesome, because he also did the English version of Angels with Burning Hearts, Burning Ranger’s main theme! However, for fans of Mitsuyoshi’s singing from the original game, the time trial versions of each track include a version of each song with Mitsuyoshi’s glorious Engrish-although be warned, it’s nowhere near as good as his performance in the original game.

That said, the normal versions of each song get the adrenaline going, especially “Slingshot,” the theme of the first course.

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The two new tracks were Desert City, and National Park Speedway.

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