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Fans didn't like how Maria and her mother, Margherita, judged potential nannies during interviews, with one fan writing that Maria is a 'f***ing head case.''Urgh so judgmental! Why don't you take responsibility, be her mum and do it yourself.' 'Sweet Jesus. These younger guys are both curious and excited about dating a woman who, is not ashamed of what she wants sexually, unlike the younger girls of his own age who are often confused about just about everything, including their romantic and sexual desires.That relationship between a younger guy and an older woman is likely to be supercharged by a combination of the younger man’s peak sex drive and the older woman’s confidence, experience and her own sex drive.There are some other compelling reasons for why older women are more attractive to younger guys.And of course, it’s not a secret that women in their thirties and forties have a much higher sex driver than the ones in their twenties.As a result of that increased romantic passion and sexual connection, the two people are actually more likely to develop strong feelings for each other and to feel very attached to each other – something they never planned for, but also something that happens quite often and is so far beyond their control.

Ultimately, no one can objectively advise a woman whether she should date a younger man, as only she knows what her goals are, and only she feels her needs and desires are at that specific stage in her life considering the unique circumstances of her present emotional state and her dating past.

Young guys have a stronger sex drive and are naturally hungrier for a woman’s body.

Few things are more flattering to an older woman than being with a younger guy who craves her body and who is more eager to be close to her physically than any older guy would.

If you want such high standards for raising your child how about you do it. Maria and her mother interviewed potential nannies, in the hopes they can help look after her newborn daughter, Valentina.

Maria first told her mother that she wanted to hire help, as she went to get a massage for 'me time.''Of course we've got to have a nanny.

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