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But they do allow for the ordering of permanent spousal support. The Garden State probably represents a lot of disheartening news for many spouses.They’re one of the last remaining states where permanent alimony is a possibility.

Georgia has some of the best laws in the country in regards to knocking out alimony from the divorce equation.The delay cost litigants thousands of dollars in wasted fees. New York has not made it easy for men seeking divorce to move on with their lives.Colorado does not care if one or the other party to divorce can adequately support themselves. Does that mean you owe 120% of your income to your ex?After the 20-year mark, however, it can go on for life. Kansas says alimony can last for a maximum of 121 months after the divorce.But, the awardee can apply for, and be granted, an additional 121 months in payments. Tennessee is committed to rehabilitative spousal support. That doesn’t mean judges will not order alimony to provide long-term support.

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Like Nevada, New Hampshire has a quick divorce turnaround time.

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