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In language those familiar with the Theology of the Body might say, the life lived via the flesh reveals what we choose to have communion with.What can the Theology of the Body tell us about this? When the Christian suffers, their external suffering reveals the invisible truth behind that suffering: they place the original communion we were all called to have with God over everything in this world. In a very real way, our suffering is of that communion. The Second Vatican Council teaches that man can “only find himself through a sincere gift of self”; something the Theology of the Body has at the center of its teaching.Just as Christ became a fragrant offering to the Father, so we become a fragrant offering through our tribulation.With every act of suffering, we can gain a greater insight into the depth and nature of the debt God paid for us when He became man and died the cruelest of deaths, a death reserved for traitors.This purpose is written within the code of our creation.

A sincere gift of self implies a lack of control, certain vulnerability.

John Paul II, one of the goals of his Wednesday audiences was to provide an “adequate anthropology of man.” In layman’s terms, he wanted to lay out a way of understanding that we are as male and female that can provide answers to a lot of the questions we have in life.

The We must immediately note that the term “theology of the body” goes far beyond the content of the reflections that were made. While the world frequently misrepresents almost everything Christians believe, they seem to instinctively understand that we have a certain understanding about the nature of suffering.

Faced with such vulnerability, mans first instinct is to do what Adam did: run and hide.

(Genesis 3:8) If they can’t hide forever, they often turn to despair in seeking death like Cain.

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The Theology of the Body is more than a treatise on chastity.

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