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Mrs Kasir ran the notorious paedophile brothel Elm Guest House in South West London.She may have kept a dossier of the perverted visitors’ names and photos from the early 80s.The official report says she was born in Germany as Carole Weitzman, based on evidence given to the inquest by her estranged husband Haroon Kasir.But a close family member says she was born in London and may have had the surname Jones.

One is that her GP questioned whether she had committed suicide but there are also other anomalies.” Among the prominent people said to have visited the guest house and engaged in sex – some with consenting adults and some with children – were a government minister, a high-ranking policeman, a member of the Royal Household, an MI5 officer, traitor Anthony Blunt and Sir Peter Morrison, the Parliamentary Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher.Pathologist Richard Shepherd said her death was “not due to natural causes” noting her profound low blood sugar consistent with excessive injected insulin.One abnormality raised in the files is a decision by the poison unit at New Cross Hospital in London not to analyse the syringes and vials found next to her body to see if they were ­connected to her death or to check her stomach contents.A police investigation in 2015 failed to prove claims Mrs Kasir had kept a list and picture of the visitors.A source close to the original ­investigation said: “If there’s a fresh look at Carole’s death and a full investigation into what exactly was going on at the time then there’s a good chance these things could turn up.

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